Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Help develop people into followers of Christ through the practice, demonstration, and communication of God's Word.
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  Welcome Our Friend

  Imagine a place where you walk through the door and the first face you see as well as every face thereafter greets you with a smile that says, “Welcome my friend.” Imagine going to a place where you feel love all around. Imagine a place that feels so comfortable, you feel as though you belong. Imagine a place that feels so warm, you feel as though you have just been hugged tight and told that you are special, and we care about you. 

  Here at Memorial Baptist Church, we want you to feel just that. We love you and are so excited that you have chosen to worship with us today. We know that if you are here it is not by accident. God has set everything in place and has something great in store for us all. We want you to enjoy your day with us. We invite you to pray with us, worship with us, sing with us and learn with us. We welcome you….our new friend. 

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